Thursday, 26 November 2015

Welcome to the new Scotland's Best B&Bs Website for 2016

Today sees the launch of our great new website, just in time for our 20th Birthday next year! The team at Scotland’s Best B&Bs have spent the whole of this year working with Plan B Online to  develop a site fit for the modern traveller, with a wealth of information, integrated online booking and optimised for Mobile and Tablet devices.

It hardly seems possible that 20 years ago, Scotland’s Best B&Bs started with just a humble brochure, when the internet had only just begun and Google hadn’t even been heard of!  Scotland’s Best B&Bs was started in the Spring of 1996 by Jacqi Elmslie, a B&B proprietor in Inverness who wanted to be able to confidently recommend B&Bs of the the same high standard, to her guests.  As this was a time before the internet and online reviews, it wasn’t so easy for B&B owners to locate other highly commended B&Bs or to recommend ones further across Scotland that they’d never visited.

With a small grant and cooperation of The Scottish Tourist Board, the very first Scotland’s Best B&Bs brochure was published in 1996 and included 60 members. 

These B&Bs had all been selected for their high grading scores from the Scottish Tourist Board, but more importantly, had been personally visited by the new groups committee.  This selection process continues to this day and ensures that standards are kept high.

Over the years our members have received many awards for their hard work within the B&B sector and in 2007 Joan Campbell, an ex-Chairman of SBB&B’s was awarded the coveted Silver Thistle award for over 40 years of work within the industry.  The previous Scotland's Best B&Bs website has also won a Thistle award in the Innovation category and many of our members have either won or been runners up in their areas over the years.  The Thistle awards are the B&B version of the Oscars!

Over 60% of our members have a GOLD award from Visit Scotland.
Over 70% of our members have the Visit Scotland Taste our Best Award

A Brochure from 1998 and nest years 2016 Brochure 
The group has continued to evolve, increasing in numbers and embracing new ways of reaching out to its guests from the advent of email to the many forms of Social Media.  The group has also become so well respected  in the industry that we are frequently being asked to participate in many steering groups and committees, working toward improving tourism in Scotland.  Our latest website shows our commitment to using technology to connect with everyone who loves Scotland and wants to have the best experience possible when visiting.  

But even though the world might have become digital, we haven’t forgotten our roots and our B&Bs still have the human touch.  There are some things you just can’t computerise and that is the warm welcome you will get at our B&Bs, the high standards only a dedicated owner can maintain and the delicious food they lovingly prepare. 

Visit our new website at

Thanks to our wonderful web developers at Plan B Online and our Online Booking providers at Freetobook for helping us build such a terrific new site.  We hope you find it informative and easy to use.

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